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When it’s time to build your new home or business, it’s time to build it right! There is very little, to no regulation or certification requirements in Montana to run an HVAC company or install HVAC systems. As a result, many homeowners fall victim to, under experienced and unprofessional “companies”, and end up with a poorly designed, inefficient, unreliable, or uncomfortable heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, most homeowners won’t realize this until it’s too late, and end up having to settle with an inferior and uncomfortable system.

That’s why we’ve raised the bar at Hometown Heating and Cooling. We’re concerned about what’s RIGHT, not with what’s EASY. Our installers and technicians go through rigorous in-house training, as well as factory training and certification. Every system is designed using industry leading, ACCA certified load calculation software, and reviewed by certified and qualified staff at Hometown Heating and Cooling, before it is handed over to our job-site management team, for install layout. Our job-site management team has been trained on the science of proper duct design to deliver optimal air flow and comfort.

Once the project has been laid out and approved, the system design and quality control checklist will be given to our qualified lead installer, assigned to the project, to begin the installation process. They will oversee the installation process. Once the project “rough-in” has been completed, our lead installers sign off on their work and a job-site manager will perform a quality control inspection to ensure that the design was installed correctly and that the quality meets our standards.

Anything that does not meet our expectations is documented, addressed, and corrected before our management will sign-off on the rough-in completion. The design, notes, checklist, and approval, will return to the office for documentation and records keeping, and await the “final trim” process to start.

Once the final trim of the project is scheduled, we pull the project design, notes, and documents, for use in completing the job. The final trim procedures are completed via another quality control checklist. Our lead installers will sign-off on a completed trim, and our management will once again perform a walkthrough of the project to ensure that the system is operating and functioning as designed, as well as verify that the work meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations.

Once we have completed a final quality control walkthrough, our management will sign-off on a job well done. Then you can have peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system is calculated, designed, fabricated, and installed to a professional standard, that will save you money and keep you comfortable year after year. Additionally, we will keep the documentation on file, should there be any need to reference your projects specifications or details, in the future. In the unlikely event that your equipment has a problem, we will have the records on hand, so that we know what parts may be needed if we have to make a visit, this will also allow us to expedite any warranties that are available.

So, when it’s time to build your next project, do it right the first time, and hire the true professionals at Hometown Heating & Cooling, Inc. We’ll walk you through your options and build the system that fits your needs and your budget!

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